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My own hops in a beer!

This summer I’ve been watching a few hop vines take over the vertical space beside the garage. They are amazingly productive plants and quickly reached the end of the 10-12 foot runs I had given each of them. Of the 8 or so plants I planted, the Cascade, Centennial and Chinook varieties have made hops this year. I’m hoping the Magnum still will also.

Hop production is pretty light in the first year, so hopefully next year my hop productivity will allow me to switch a few beers to my own source. But for now, I’m happy experimenting with what I have grown.

I added my own hops (Chinooks) to a recent batch of beer. The beer was meant to be a lightly-hopped amber ale. I added a handful of the hops at the end of the boil (should contribute more floral than bitter to the brew).

I’ll probably add some more hops when it gets to the secondary fermenter as well. I look forward to seeing what results!

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Tonight I presented our first experience inoculating logs for mushroom cultivation at the Mushroom Club of Georgia meeting. The whole process, since initial idea till now (with completed logs) is only two months (or less). We’re new to this, but we dove into it and learned a lot in the process. I put together some slides to show the process, what we did, how much time it took, and how much it cost. See slides below. Since it’s TIrza and my anniversary today, special thanks to Tirza for making it a community night!

It was great to learn from others tonight about some of the details and experience items. Great panel with lots of experience:

  • Katharine and David have been growing mushrooms for 14 years and have a wealth of local experience. They talked about there process for adding a few new logs each year to keep a steady supply, how they stack them, and getting logs off the ground (with bricks/blocks) to make them last longer. They also answered a lot of questions from the audience and let me know that I should see oysters in 3-4 months but shiitakes won’t be for a year.
  • Brandy Arts talked about the approach to fungi integration into life and gardening she learned from working with Paul Stamets. Lots of great resources in a digestible form in Mycelium Running. She proposed integrating fungi into gardening as a source of fertilizer. She says the school she teaches at (where Alon is at!) will be doing a project to use hair + mycelium to clean up oil. Send those kids to the Gulf Coast!
  • Rod Stafford geeked out on his chemistry-lab-inspired mushroom cultivation setup. He brought in petri dishes, the sterile jars filled with rye seeds and mycelium and then the bags where he grows the mushrooms. He showed pictures of a laundry basket filled with hay that was busting out oyster mushrooms! In September, he’s giving a talk about his “lab in a box” setup. Amazing patience and attention to detail he has!!

Slides from our experience:

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Mushroom Log Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’ll be working on our mushroom logs! 80+ logs and 2,300 spawn will become one 🙂

We’ll be working all day at the Nomads Lounge. If you’re interested to learn about cultivation of edible/medicinal mushrooms, please feel free to drop by. Also, if you want to be more involved and are willing to help out for a couple of hours, you’ll be rewarded too!

RSVP for event and find details on Facebook page.

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