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Solstice gathering Sunday!

The time has come – the end of the sun’s year. Sunday evening is out Solstice Gathering, and we will be celebrating our community!

Here’s some vital info about tomorrow’s event to help enhance your experience. Please also see the information below the vitals about how the party will work.

1. Please plan to carpool! There will be a lot of people. You can park along our street – please be courteous of the neighbors!

2. This is an indoor/outdoor party. Wear shoes that can be outside (it’s a little soggy still), dressing in layers advised because it will be cold outside and warm inside 🙂

3. Bring lots of goodies! The party enjoys a healthy supply of food and drink throughout the night. Whether you come for the dinner or afterwards, please bring drink and food to share. Harmony’s cookin up mulled wine, so you can always pitch in the pot there.

4. Don’t drink and drive! If you drink, please consider staying. We’ll have spaces for crashing. See recommendation to carpool.

5. Preparation begins at Noon. If it pleases you, your collaboration contributes to the evening and is greatly appreciated.

6. Participate! At 8pm we have the Sacred Commerce Marketplace. If your heart goes into your work, please bring your creation to sell! Come meet our creatives in the community and support their efforts (and do your holiday shopping!). You can also bring musical instruments, fire wood, flowers, food or drink.

Come honor, respect, participate and enjoy our community! If you have any questions, please call Chris at 404-550-3880 or Tirza at 209-605-0875.

Here is more on how the party will be set up and what we ask of you as a participant:

A. Dinner (and all food and drink) will be in the back house.

B. The front house will be music, movement, and poetry. No shoes inside the house.

C. This is an inter-generationaly party! We ask that you behave in a way respectful of the kids and our elders present.

D. We ask that everyone participate in creating and maintaining the party. A $10 is suggested and much appreciated.


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Listen to the Solstice Message

The theme of this year’s Winter Solstice gathering is “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.  It’s a message that’s been on the mind for a while and now it’s time to act. We have an amazing community, and we can do anything we want. We have all the talents needed, we have enough people (but certainly welcome more!), and what we bring is desperately needed right now. What are we waiting for?

I say there is no other time than now to embark together upon this journey of creating the world we want to live in and we want our children’s children’s children to live in. Will you join us?

Sweet Honey in The Rock has a beautiful expression of the party’s theme. You can listen to it here: http://www.sweethoney.com/home.php (use the player on the right side, and click on “We are the ones”, third one down). If you’re interested to do a round of this with us at the event, just leave a comment!

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